Human-centric Processes

Certain activities depend on human input. The human component remains extremely important even in the age of the computer and advanced automation. Key elements for success are a good system for managing tasks, a flexible roll system, clear presentation of information, and support for cooperation among task owners, including the ability to delegate tasks.


Well done work requires good working conditions, which in turn is related to a broad spectrum of HR processes. Team assistant offers support in carrying out your employee development strategy.

Long gone are the days when people had to sit in a single office. Geographic distances are no longer an obstacle to cooperation. Virtual teams are being used more and more frequently. Combine the unlimited possibilities of your team with proven methods for organizing cooperation and take advantage of process management.

Commercial activities do not just take place within companies, but also include communication and cooperation with clients, purchasers and suppliers. Handle your business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) needs in conjunction with your partners and you will save time, cut costs, and increase trade.

Certain processes are crucial for a company, while others are secondary but you still can’t get by without them. Team assistant enables you to save time spent on dealing with secondary processes so that you can better concentrate on the truly important matters.

A typical management activity is the granting of approval. Vacations, business trips, and purchase requests all must be approved. Establishing an effective approval process often brings quick and noticeable results, which is why this area is often addressed first in many firms.

The creation of plans or forecasts is generally a complicated activity. It consists of several steps, some of which may cyclically repeat. In certain companies a number of employees are involved in preparing plans. Plan preparation requires the availability of precise, up-to-date information and the synchronization of all planning participants. Define your planning process and manage it using team assistant. You will avoid needless complications.

Few companies today can get by without computers, the internet, and in turn, an IT department. Would you like to improve the performance of your IT department as well as user satisfaction with the services provided? Try ITIL, the internationally acknowledged standard for the management of IT services, and implement these proven procedures into the team assistant application.

You can demonstrate the quality of your products or services to your business partners through the implementation of international standards and acquisition of appropriate certificates. The majority of these standards require that you map out your processes and document their application. Team assistant will not only help you to formalize these procedures, but also put them into practice. Your company guidelines will not end up hidden away in some file. Instead, team assistant will help users apply the guidelines, meet deadlines, and take the proper steps. At the same time, records are continually kept documenting that the defined procedures have been adhered to by your company.

Every company is limited by legal and contractual deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines generally results in problems. Team assistant can even function as a virtual assistant. It monitors deadlines and provides you with overviews. It points out potential problems, doesn’t make mistakes, and doesn’t forget.

If you apply a project approach to achieving certain goals, perhaps you do not need a specialized project management tool. Define a project in the team assistant application and incorporate it into other related activities. In the context of other company activities, you can find ways to improve performance.

Document-centric Processes

Certain activities place a great deal of emphasis on working with documents. For example, the approval of a loan application involves numerous documents and records. Special functions for managing the lifecycle of these documents and records are absolutely essential. A number of companies use special document management systems. The integration of processes into DMS is another common requirement.


The definition of processes and clear formalization of the documentation of their application are prerequisites for obtaining certification and other internationally recognized documents verifying compliance with strict ISO standards. Obtaining certification may even be necessary for your company to do business.

Clearly defined procedures will help you to train new employees more quickly and effectively. Printed guidelines stored in some file are a thing of the past. Post them online in a clear graph and bring them to life!

If you would like to have satisfied business partners, you must have satisfied employees who are able to perform given tasks on time and know how to handle customers. Investment into human resources is always returned. Document your HR activity using team assistant and reduce unnecessary administrative work.

Important business documents include more than just orders and invoices, bids and specifications, price lists and customer satisfaction surveys. Your relationship with business partners and clients encompasses so much more. Pamper your business partners with reliable cooperation – approach your goals using defined steps and have everything documented.

Even when applying a project-oriented approach you need documentation. Tender documentation, project records, acceptance documents, and a number of other documents must be created, carefully studied, reviewed, and approved. And they must always be retrievable. Every client appreciates the consistent application of project methodology.

Do you have a complicated system for mandatory document creation? Manage document organization through team assistant and be certain that every document is in its place. Like a good secretary, team assistant doesn’t forget, it provides clear overviews, and it doesn’t make mistakes.

System-centric Processes

Certain processes can react to events generated by another system or other process. Cooperation with other information systems is common. Human intervention here is generally limited to handling exceptional or special situations. In such cases, the system should react and continue to work without human intervention. Information about the current situation is provided on the system dashboard. Typical requirements in this area are strong integration capabilities, the possibility of incorporating various systems with SOA architecture, and the ability to generate and present exceptions to the human operator.


If you cooperate with your business partners, this means that you share business to business activity, resulting in a product or service for your customers. How can you make this process more efficient? Get your information systems to cooperate. There is no reason why your systems cannot exchange data and information directly with one another and thus minimize human work. Team assistant can help you. Everyone appreciates not having to manually enter data from business partners into their system.

Many HR processes impact a great number of information systems. A good example is the hiring of a new employee. This generally means setting up access to several information systems. Minimize the work of your administrators and let team assistant take care of some of the steps for you.

And HR is certainly not the only area which affects a wide range of other processes. The selection of various integration techniques depends on the type of integration links, volume, and frequency of requests for the transfer of data between these systems. Team assistant can help you integrate these systems so that they share the necessary information among themselves.

Rules-based Processes or Decision-intensive Processes

Business rules reflect the manner in which your company works. Some rules are unique and constitute a competitive advantage. Others are often better suited to open procedures. For example, a communication strategy for handling people calling customer support contains rules for responding to all possible situations and combinations of input information, helping you to effectively handle customer requests. Many rules may be defined by using simple “if – then” conditions, others may have a complicated hierarchical structure. Team assistant can do both.


The closer the business to business cooperation with your partners, the more sophisticated the agreements regulating cooperation procedures. If you project this into more detailed process specification, team assistant can detect various stages of cooperation for you, and immediately suggest the proper response or next step.

The same is true for many other areas. The more sophisticated your HR procedures, the more accurately they can react to the particular situations of your employees. If your company employs process management for a longer period of time, then these processes inevitably become more perfected and sophisticated.

At the same time, they are able to detect and correct minor aberrations. For example, when implementing quality management standards, continual improvement is one of the system requirements. Your guidelines may take into account more attributes and offer better procedures. Monitoring of deadlines may involve multiple contexts. Various approval processes may take into account multiple criteria to establish the proper approval procedure – responsibility may be divided among many employees, for example depending on the type of request and approval limits of individual management levels. Team assistant is thus able to function as your ideal virtual assistant.

Case Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) includes support for customer service operators responding to inquiries, handling cases, requests, orders, and many other tasks. Case management procedures must ensure the provision of comprehensive information to resolve a case. This often involves close cooperation with a specialized CRM system, and at the same time it must quickly provide precise instructions for further steps.


To increase user satisfaction with your IT department you can use proven procedures from the ITIL library, the internationally recognized standard for managing IT services. Team assistant enables you to define these procedures into a single template, providing a better overview of the status of individual requests and pointing out emerging problems.

If you allow your customers to become equal partners, you will increase their satisfaction and loyalty. Team assistant gives you the tools to directly involve your customers in your processes. You will eliminate unnecessary administration which slows down the work of you and your clients.

Project-oriented Processes

Project and process management both have certain advantages. Both approaches have a common goal: to achieve predefined objectives within a given period and effectively use available resources. A combination of both approaches results in project-oriented processes. These are typically divided into phases with independently monitored degrees of completion. The complete use of resources is monitored, along with overall costs for attaining goals.


Team assistant enables you to break down project management into currently existing and newly established business procedures so that you easily attain your goals. It tracks deadlines and organizes necessary documents. It provides you with an overview of the general state of the project, as well as the status of individual steps.

Virtual teams can be a good example of the use of project-oriented activities. People in different places work on the given task, influencing and supplementing the work of others, while the overall progress in attaining the project goal can be monitored at a single site. Information is effectively shared between individual task groups and between task groups and project management.

Event-centric Processes

Every company uses one or more information systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) If you decide to improve your current processes encompassing work with these systems, you need to model and measure them. A suitable way to connect non-invasively to current infrastructure is to use event-centric processes. All important information for obtaining an overview of the state of a process and its efficiency is acquired in the context of event-centric processes occurring in primary information systems.


This mechanism can be successfully used when integrating applications. Many company activities have an information impact on multiple information systems. Various integration techniques are selected depending on the type of integration connections, the volume, and frequency of requests for data transfers between these systems.

The team assistant application can also be used to define procedures which help users resolve various situations arising during the regular operations of your company. Take advantage of the fact that your information systems contain relevant data, which can be used by team assistant and further processed. If your audit database systems contain records of an incident, team assistant can suggest to administrators appropriate steps to proceed in accordance with the guidelines issued for this purpose.







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