Would you like to improve the performance of your IT department as well as user satisfaction with the quality of IT services provided? Then consider using the proven processes from the ITIL library, the internationally acknowledged standard for managing IT services.

Optimizing software investment

So you’ve decided to implement a standard software package for key company activities. For optimal performance you need to properly place the software into the particular environment of the organization. Team assistant will help you incorporate this software into your processes and thus maximize the benefits of your investment.

Application integration

Many company processes impact multiple information systems. The selection of various integration techniques depends on the type of integration links, volume, and frequency of requests for the transfer of data between these systems.

B2B cooperation

No company is able to provide goods and services without cooperating with its business partners. Have you noticed how much your company performance depends on good cooperation? It doesn’t matter whether you are a supplier or customer. Solve your common problems together!

B2C cooperation

Customers want to be equal partners. This means minimizing the information imbalance in your relationship and allowing customers to assume partial responsibility. Let your customers share in the process for providing goods and services. You will increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

Standards and certifications

Would you like to demonstrate to your business partners the quality of your services through the implementation of international standards, and document this with a certificate from a recognized authority? Then you already know that you can’t do without process management. Team assistant will simplify your situation.

Organizational guidelines

Most companies have a folder somewhere full of printed guidelines. And most companies also have problems with implementing these guidelines. Team assistant makes it easy for users to apply guidelines, monitor deadlines, and propose the proper steps. You monitor and confirm compliance. With team assistant, illogical or poorly working guidelines don’t have a chance!

Obligations and deadlines

Is your work limited by legal or contractual deadlines? Do you have specific prescribed obligations? Then failing to meet these deadlines would be a serious problem. Team assistant will help you to keep deadlines under control!

HR processes

Are you among those companies which realize the importance of working with human resources? Are you continually trying to improve in this area? Team assistant gives you exactly the kind of support you need to achieve your goals! It doesn’t matter whether you are a large corporation or a company with just a few employees.

Achieving goals in the virtual community

In today’s world geographic distance is not an obstacle for cooperation. Are you managing a virtual team? To effectively achieve your goals the same principles still apply. Combine the unlimited possibilities of your team with proven methods for organizing cooperation and take advantage of process management.

Internal support processes

Do you know how much energy you devote to managing key processes as opposed to support processes? Your information systems help you with the key processes, but what about the support processes? Don’t lose time with details and use team assistant to handle support activities. Devote yourself to what is truly important.

Virtual assistant

Every manager must devote attention to many different things. A good assistant can make this easier by monitoring deadlines, providing overviews, pointing out potential problems. A good assistant doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t forget. Team assistant will help you organize work as a team.

Project management

Are you applying a project approach to achieve certain goals? Perhaps you don’t need specialized tools for project management and can make due with a simpler, open source tool. Team assistant will help you to organically incorporate project management into company processes.


The creation of plans or forecasts is generally a complicated activity. It consists of several steps, some of which may be repeated. Often, a number of employees are involved. You may begin using specialized software, or define your planning process and manage it using team assistant.


Processes in the form of requests are relatively numerous in every company. These are often optimized first and bring quick and noticeable results for a large number of company employees.




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